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An interdimensional realm, or pocket universe, where unfeasibly large hammers are kept, in order to be magically produced as needed. Accessible only by women when something offensive towards females occurs, though it can also be used to defend men if they're just that androgynous.

It should be noted that while being hit with such a hammer does hurt very much, it does not deal any real damage.

Male Hammerspace

Where smaller hammers designed to make noise, construct and destroy assorted inanimate objects, and bruise thumbs are kept. Better known as a tool shed.

Inventory Hammerspace

Despite the name, this has nothing to do with hammers. This is a magical realm where a person’s inventory is sometimes kept. It is sometimes logically justified (May Cottontail uses a spell to conjure a hole in reality where her inventory is stored), and others’ are not (Joat Delia, for example).

Another form of this is the Magic Satchel, which is a container which can hold much more than it should be able to.

Notable mutations

EGS Main Forums (Known colloquially as 'Sanity') has manifested in more recent years a bizarre Amalgamation of Female Hammerspace, a sentient hammer collective, which will strike across the forums in all points of time and space, usually at the male recipients will. It should be noted that this manifestation of hammery goodness usually turns an otherwise sexist remark into a comedic goldmine.

Now if we could only find some way to control- *Is hammered AGAIN*

See also: Plotspace, Knifespace, Macespace

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